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Friday, December 24, 2010

Finally broke down

I finally broke down and added a photograph of myself to the "About Me" section on the sidebar of this blog.

I always like to see a photo of the author when I read an article; in a strange way the whole thing makes more sense when I can attach a face to the words. Back in the old days when I used to read books, I'd find myself gazing at the picture of the author on the back jacket from time to time, in a Hmm-all-this-stuff-is-coming-out-of-that-head sort of way. Now, hopefully, this blog will make more sense to you. ("No wonder he's so bitter -- look how ugly he is!")

When I was younger people used to tell me I looked angry. Now people tell me I look sad. Not that I don't have plenty of reason to be both, but when people say these things I am usually neither. But when I look at photos of myself, I can see why they say that.

The one time I ever took mescaline was when I was 17. During my "trip" (I'm not even sure it was real mescaline) I looked in the mirror and thought I looked like an insect. But most of the time, when I'm not tripping, I think I look like a monkey. A chimp, as I implied two posts ago. Now that there's a photo, you can probably see what I mean. (If you click on the photo you can see a slightly larger version: note the prominent brow ridge, the long upper lip, and the receding chin. All simian traits.)

Just so you know, I actually come from two high-IQ races: my father is Scottish and my mother is Japanese. I just look like a.....well, take your pick of any number of low-IQ ethnicities I resemble.

The photo was taken last week, in the dim lighting which is so much kinder to a gentleman of my years. It was shot in my bathroom, which is only appropriate, since that is the source of so much of my humor.


Anonymous said...

Here's a much better one of you as you are smiling
Merry Xmas.

John Craig said...

Guy --
You think I look like that guy? I guess there's a slight resemblance except he's not nearly as muscular.